The Value of a Printed Image

Today digital media is the rage. Maybe not a rage I am totally confident with but a hot topic none the less. Because of this deviation in the photographic mind set I felt it important to make a statement as a photographer about the benefits of a printed image.  To say I am very passionate about printing images would be an understatement. It is a topic I speak about often when interviewing wedding clients as well as something I address when photographing a family, baby or an individual portrait. I began my photographic journey experimenting with countless rolls of film and massive amounts of  slide film.  I have printed 4×6 images from all those rolls and books upon books of mounted slides. I saw the image posted below on my facebook page and absolutely loved it.  it was the inspiration for this blog.

print itI am an advocate for printed images.  I swap out images of my children as I update them often. Printed images in frames are placed around my home in locations where they can be easily viewed.  It makes me happy when I walk into a particular room and see a picture of one of my children on a table or wall. I reflect upon when the image was taken and how my child’s personality was at that moment in time. It also makes me reflect upon how they have evolved into the young adults they are today.  I am actually sitting here smiling as I write thinking about those images. It is not to say I also do not have countless files of digital images in addition to what I have printed.  I do.  However, my favorites are printed and displayed so  myself and others can enjoy the beauty of “the Print”.  It is such a shame many people rely on “the disk” for their memories. I still have wallet prints in my purse.  Call me old fashioned but I have to say, when I want to show someone a picture of my kids or another important image I have it at my fingertips. When your phone, Ipad, Ipod or whatever device you use to display your images is “out of juice” it is impossible to be displayed.  It was also mentioned in conversation recently, and of course my ears perked up, that when a computer crashes or disks are lost, poof…there goes your memories. Lost forever. A print can be restored.   A digital file? Not so sure.  Prints can last a lifetime and be viewed forever with our eyes.  Wouldn’t you say this is priceless?