High School Senior Girls

Life just gets away from you at times.  Between working, kids and maintaining a home and business, there just never seems to be enough time in every day.  I sound like every other Mom and business owner I imagine. I have finally returned from the vacation of a lifetime taken in my grandmothers honor to Italy.  I had an incredible experience seeing new places, making many  friends and spending much needed non work time with Nick.  I couldn’t have asked for a better two weeks.  But now, it’s time to get back to business and catch up on some of my blogs.  I am grouping the girls, then the boys into separate blogs.  It will showcase many of my favorite images taken throughout the season.  I do hope I haven’t missed anyone.  If so, my apologies. Senior portraits is another area I love of my business.  I love capturing the “almost 18” young man or woman who in a years time will be off to college and creating all new experiences for themselves. I see this as the last time we as parents will view our son’s and daughter’s as our little children.  They will soon become independent of us out making their own decisions and finding their separate ways.  Their new found maturity and life experiences will soon grow and define who they will become as a mature adult.  I see these images as capturing the innocence before this life change becomes a reality. I am an empty nester as of this fall with my last off to college. I have seen the growth and change in all three of my children as they have ventured off into their college experiences.  I wish every one of my seniors who are making college decisions, accepting and signing intent letters, or who are choosing military service or entering the work force, the very best of a bright and happy future!

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