Telling a Story without Words & Creating Emotion

Telling a story without words requires vision, planning and execution.  I decided to do a fashion shoot this past Saturday in the woods near my home.  I envisioned long colorful dresses backed by the stark, naked woods. I wanted to create a feeling of dominance over nature. I fortunately had a few of my sons friends who were home for the holidays agree to model for me.  They had each spent countless hours performing in theater and musical venues so when instructed, they were able to achieve the look and feel I was trying to create. My first model had on a beautiful pink flowing gown.  Not a dominant color in nature.  So, how was I to best use the color and beauty to tell a story. I looked around the woods and envisioned a fairy peeking out from the trees.  I had her play a role as seen in the images above. Take a look and use your own imagination to tell this story. Feel free to send a response to this blog.  I would love to see if our stories are similar.

My second model had a long red gown.  Now THIS was the color I had in mind when I originally started planning for this session.  I thought about this model in front of a big old tree on a particular path.  The tree, towering above her with strong bulky branches, yet, she, was in charge.  She was the dominant force in nature.  My vision was somewhat derailed when I saw this section of woods near where I shot the first model.  I loved the curves of the fallen tree and the strong subdued back light.  We cleaned up the area and worked within the fallen area of tree. I was still able to create the feeling that I wanted in a slightly different location.  Maddie appeared strong, in control, untouchable.

I will return to this area soon.  I have additional visions with snow, fog, light and the colors blue and white.

Following the Light

Last weekend Caitlin & I spent the weekend with Colin for family weekend.  We had a great time together and left for home around 4PM.  The weather had been misty and rainy all weekend in New Hampshire.  Once we hit the Mass pike the sun popped out and created a wonderful rainbow.  It was hard driving because the light was hitting the wet road causing everyone to slow down.  By the time we made it to Palmer it was approaching sunset.  The clouds were really funky and the light was spectacular.  As I was driving down RT 20 I kept watching the light hoping I would make it to the CT River in Palmer/Wilbraham before sunset.  I had Caitlin unload my camera and placed it in my lap knowing I would have very few valuable minutes to shoot.  I was able to get a series of shots before I lost the light.  I have never seen color like that before.  And the best thing was, my favorite color is purple.  The light was purple.  You can bet I printed this image.  I pick it up today.