Lee, MA / Hawkmeadow Farm / Wedding of Kri & Ari

Kri & Ari came together in the green mountains of Vermont. What started out as a scrabble night began the effortless connection of these two beautiful people.  They laugh together, enjoy life’s simple pleasures, and live with their kitties.  These two were married in a traditional Jewish ceremony, two wonderful families and a multitude of friends who came to celebrate this spectacular wedding. They exchanged their vows in the hills of Lenox on a beautiful working farm.  The property’s views were stunning and they had lots of animals to take a look at as well as llamas who participated in the wedding.  I extend many, many blessings Kri & Ari to you as you begin your life together as husband and wife.









Wilbraham, MA / Wilbraham Country Club / Wedding Pino & Bethanne

What a beautiful day for a wedding this past Saturday.  The sky was blue with puffy cotton candy clouds, not a drop of rain in sight.  We experienced unbelievably gorgeous dry weather for an early August wedding.  We couldn’t have asked for a more spectacular day.  Pino & Beth joined hands and hearts at Saint Cecilia church in Wilbraham.  The church lifted in song and love for this intimate ceremony.  Pino and Beth enjoyed a wonderful gathering at The Wilbraham Country Club.  We got to even drive a few golf carts for our tour around the Tees.  Enjoy their images as they tell the story of this wonderful couples day.


Karen Geaghan Photography / Wilbraham Newborn Photographer / Genevieve

Welcome to the most darling forth baby girl to be born into this beautiful family!  Evie, I think that may be the way Mari spells it, was a sweet content little child to photograph.  Once we got her quieted and cozy warm….snug as a bug in a rug, one might add, we were able to move her around into many different set ups. I did however forget to warm my mom about the temperature that I keep the babies to help them sleep.  Poor mom needed several hours to cool down after I warmed “her” up in addition to my little client!  Thank yo mom for your patience and fortitude!IMG_0020C2014-07-30_0007IMG_00472014-07-30_0006IMG_0035C2014-07-30_0008IMG_0009CIMG_0071C