High School Senior Girls

Life just gets away from you at times.  Between working, kids and maintaining a home and business, there just never seems to be enough time in every day.  I sound like every other Mom and business owner I imagine. I have finally returned from the vacation of a lifetime taken in my grandmothers honor to Italy.  I had an incredible experience seeing new places, making many  friends and spending much needed non work time with Nick.  I couldn’t have asked for a better two weeks.  But now, it’s time to get back to business and catch up on some of my blogs.  I am grouping the girls, then the boys into separate blogs.  It will showcase many of my favorite images taken throughout the season.  I do hope I haven’t missed anyone.  If so, my apologies. Senior portraits is another area I love of my business.  I love capturing the “almost 18” young man or woman who in a years time will be off to college and creating all new experiences for themselves. I see this as the last time we as parents will view our son’s and daughter’s as our little children.  They will soon become independent of us out making their own decisions and finding their separate ways.  Their new found maturity and life experiences will soon grow and define who they will become as a mature adult.  I see these images as capturing the innocence before this life change becomes a reality. I am an empty nester as of this fall with my last off to college. I have seen the growth and change in all three of my children as they have ventured off into their college experiences.  I wish every one of my seniors who are making college decisions, accepting and signing intent letters, or who are choosing military service or entering the work force, the very best of a bright and happy future!

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Karen Geaghan Photography / Wilbraham Newborn Photographer / Genevieve

Welcome to the most darling forth baby girl to be born into this beautiful family!  Evie, I think that may be the way Mari spells it, was a sweet content little child to photograph.  Once we got her quieted and cozy warm….snug as a bug in a rug, one might add, we were able to move her around into many different set ups. I did however forget to warm my mom about the temperature that I keep the babies to help them sleep.  Poor mom needed several hours to cool down after I warmed “her” up in addition to my little client!  Thank yo mom for your patience and fortitude!IMG_0020C2014-07-30_0007IMG_00472014-07-30_0006IMG_0035C2014-07-30_0008IMG_0009CIMG_0071C

Sturbridge, MA / Old Sturbridge Village / Engagement Session Katie & Drew

Katie & Drew set up their engagement session for April 27th assuming it would be bright , colorful and warm.  Isn’t it warm in almost May in New England? Our date was a little on the cool side with minimal color due to the late spring this year.  We chose a location that color wouldn’t make a huge difference.  Kate and Drew picked Old Sturbridge Village which is a personal favorite of mine.  I was so excited to photograph in a place I loved with a wonderful couple.  We spent a couple hours walking around the village and stopping to play and create when the mood struck us.  Katie and Drew danced in the field, chopped wood and even recreated a famous country classic image.  They ended in a favorite building of Drew’s with wonderful window light. A truly romantic spot to end our day! Drew’s grandmother worked in the village so this location was a perfect choice to tell their love story.  They were an amazing couple to photograph with such spunk and vitality and obviously very much in love.  It was pure pleasure working with them.  I can’t wait for the wedding.2014-04-28_0001IMG_0004IMG_00242014-04-28_0003IMG_0206IMG_0066IMG_0078IMG_0048IMG_0046IMG_00442014-04-28_0001IMG_0096BIMG_01062014-04-28_0007IMG_0195IMG_0196IMG_0197IMG_00422014-04-28_0009IMG_0207IMG_0221CIMG_0211IMG_0218IMG_3965

A Mix of Glamour & Boudoir Photography

I was recently asked to photograph a bridal boudoir session.  It seems to be an up and coming trend in wedding photography.  As always, I replied absolutely, yes,  to photograph in a manner which was relatively new to me.  I am always looking for ways to experiment with light, different styles of photography and various subjects.  This was just another one of those opportunities to do just that. I thoroughly enjoy photographing women.  I love the feeling of empowerment they gain from looking and feeling beautiful in their images.  It does my heart glad to be able to offer my art in this manner.IMG_0045-EditCIMG_0029CIMG_0080HBCIMG_0059-EditBW2014-04-10_0002IMG_0126CIMG_0082IMG_0036B

Mr B :: Six month Baby Plan Session :: Half way to ONE year


I really have to admit, that what started out as a filler for my photography, has turned into an amazing segment of my business.  I absolutely adore working with babies and children. I love the sparkle in their eyes, the many facial expressions, the quirky little personalities and the intrigue I get to witness as they grow into toddlers.  What a fabulous career I have! Mr B was full of charm and smiles at his six month session.  He is a beautiful baby boy, and I might add, the winner of the 2014 Beautiful Baby Contest that I host every year! Enjoy the images of Mr B’s bubble bath and other darling set ups! Please feel free to smile along with him and chuckle as you witness his cute little expressions as we photograph his six month session.


Winter Wedding :: The Publick House, Sturbridge, MA :: Marcie & Chris


Marcie & Chris had originally wanted a camp ground wedding.  Unfortunately, the venue had a bit of a scheduling issue so they chose to settle on a rustic wedding in Sturbridge, MA in February.  I did have someone ask if they were planning  a February wedding at the camp ground.  That was a bit of a chuckle and no, it was scheduled for a warmer New England tempeture! Marcie & Chris traveled from Rhode Island to celebrate their union with family and friends.  Little did they expect their day to turn into a full blown snow storm. But the storm did not stop their enthusiasm.  It was so fun to have a couple want to photograph their wedding pictures while the snow was still falling. Falling, falling, falling:) We went outside on several occasions and I truly enjoyed every time we went out into the snow.  What a fabulous, kicked back couple.  I enjoyed every moment of their wedding day; the friends, the family, the snow…loved it all<3.  My congratulations to you both.  Enjoy the magic that the winter storm delivered to you on your wedding day.  I also wish you many, many years of blessings and continued happiness