The Harding Allen Estate, Barre / Engagement / Nate & Kelly

I had the pleasure of photographing Nate & Kelly’s styled vintage engagement session at The Harding Allen Estate.  Nate decided at his wedding interview that he would love to do a session like this for his engagement pictures.  Kelly, not so much but we swayed her to our way of thinking and she rocked her outfit and style to fit Nate’s vision for these pictures.  I would also like to send my sincere thanks to Carmen for allowing us the use of his facility.  He was nothing but kind and generous allowing us the use of both the inside and outside grounds.  It is always a true pleasure to work at this Estate. It is a stunning location and always has top notch service all around for not only the food, but as a venue site for weddings and functions.


Castle of the Knights, Chicopee / Wedding / Derrek & Alyssa

As I was thinking about how to write this blog I began looking for quotes on love and patience.  Alyssa explained to me that she and Derrek had been engaged for quite sometime.  It seems that the mantra for the wedding day was “Finally”.  I found this little quote which I thought was extremely appropriate and lovely.

“The beauty of marriage is not always seen from the very beginning…but rather as love grows and develops over time.” —Fawn Weaver

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Santucci…..FINALLY:)

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Fountain Park, Wilbraham / Wedding / Brian & Jadig

Brian and Jadig got married in a fashion that was both very private and intimate. Surrounded by immediate family and officiated by Brian’s grandfather they said “I Do” in the red barn in Fountain Park. The barn is presently under construction and looks to be a fabulous venue location once it is completed. Both the bride and I fell in love with the rustic charm and unfinished walls while under construction. We couldn’t have asked for a more charming location for this sweet wedding. Many wishes to this young couple as they start their new life together.IMG_0048B2015-03-16_0002IMG_00292015-03-16_0006IMG_0116-2IMG_00362015-03-16_00032015-03-16_00042015-03-16_0005IMG_00522015-03-16_0013IMG_0083IMG_00722015-03-16_0015IMG_01912015-03-16_0007IMG_0123B2015-03-16_0009IMG_0210IMG_01562015-03-16_0010IMG_0152IMG_0134IMG_01432015-03-16_0008IMG_01842015-03-16_0011IMG_0199IMG_0190IMG_0245IMG_0261IMG_0267IMG_0276IMG_0280IMG_0278