Wilbraham, MA / Wilbraham Country Club / Wedding Pino & Bethanne

What a beautiful day for a wedding this past Saturday.  The sky was blue with puffy cotton candy clouds, not a drop of rain in sight.  We experienced unbelievably gorgeous dry weather for an early August wedding.  We couldn’t have asked for a more spectacular day.  Pino & Beth joined hands and hearts at Saint Cecilia church in Wilbraham.  The church lifted in song and love for this intimate ceremony.  Pino and Beth enjoyed a wonderful gathering at The Wilbraham Country Club.  We got to even drive a few golf carts for our tour around the Tees.  Enjoy their images as they tell the story of this wonderful couples day.



One thought on “Wilbraham, MA / Wilbraham Country Club / Wedding Pino & Bethanne

  1. Karen…..Pino and I have been truly blessed to have such an amazing, awesome, talented, and personable Photographer! Our Wedding Photographs that you shot on our special day are breathe taking to us. You have a special gift from God that let’s us enjoy and relieve our Wedding Day when we look back at our pictures!!!! We can’t wait to see all your magical work! Karen……..you are the GREATEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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