Photographing Children

I can still remember my first experience having professional pictures taken for my oldest son. I was exhausted.  Exhausted from trying to make him smile and act like, what?  Not a child? I can look back now and smile knowing I was no different than any new parent wanting lovely, perfect pictures of my child. I still to this day have an image of each of my children from when they were a child hanging in my hallway.  Are they perfect pictures?  They are absolutely not perfect. But they are perfect of each child.  Individually they capture the nature and quirks of each one of them when they were the tiny little people I remember. Sean with his I dare you look, Colin with his dirty little feet and constant pout and Caitlin, with the twinkle in her eye knowing she was up to something. Those images captured the children that they once were.  My children now 21, 18 & 16 have evolved into unique individuals with those same…tiny little traits…that were first snapped on film so many moons ago. When planning to photograph your child, don’t be so concerned with what you consider perfect.  Perfect lighting, clothing, location, perfect everything. Try and concern yourself with the photographer being able to capture the unique and special qualities of each of your children and the relationships they have with their siblings and parents.  Now these images are what you may treasure more when your children are older rather than the forced smiles that say…My mom is going to give me a treat if I smile for this person with the camera.  I’ve done the same.  I understand the motives.  I am just giving you some thought in what can make an experience more pleasurable for both you and your children. Your child may or may not react well on the scheduled day of your portraits.  It is best to be prepared for the worst and hope for the best. And of course, with a little luck, as shown in the images above capture the beauty and simplicity of an affectionate kiss, playing with mom and dad and a really cool fence to hang onto and look through.


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