Family Fun

Family Sessions can be so much fun.  I always let my clients know that the style and feel of their images will come from the personality of the group. Clothing should be worn that best enhances the personality and style of the individual.  If you never wear dress clothes, why dress that way for a portrait? Your family should be viewed as they are in normal everyday living. The Allen Family was relaxed, agreed to all the shots their mom wanted, including replications of shots done when they were children, which made the session quick and easy.  The images showed the personality of the siblings and their interactions with each other.  Isn’t that how you would want your images captured? I have to admit, having been taught by a traditionalist, I still include posed shots. I consider my style of photography the best of all the worlds. You get the posed, but also creative and fun.  As a client you are offered numerous choices in style and composition. With so many choices it tickles me to constantly hear…” It’s so tough to decide.  I love them all.”


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